Bertie and the boot

Bertie the Doxie illustrated by Karen Little

Meet Bertie, a cute, long-haired Doxie! Read or listen to his story.

I love my toys. I toss them around and chew on them. Toys are fun!

My toys are all over. I have fun in every room with my toys.

Yesterday, I saw a big leather toy on the floor. It was very heavy and chewy.

I've seen this toy on dad's feet. I chase after his feet when dad comes home. Dad laughs and picks me up. Dad and I have fun together when I try to catch the toys.

I caught this toy because it was under the bed. I dragged it around and chewed on it. It smelled good just like dad! It was fun to finally catch the toy!

When dad saw me, he said "No! Bertie! Drop it!" I didn't drop it. I ran around. It was fun!

Dad ran after me! That was more fun! Dad couldn't catch me.

Dad said loudly, "Bertie, come here." I was sure he wanted to play more!

Dad called mom. "Look at my boot! Part is missing!" Mom laughed. Mom said "dad, did you leave it on the floor for Bertie?"

Dad looked at me and said, "I guess I did."

Now dad and I play a new game. Dad hides his toys and I try hard to find them. Dad says I'm a good boy! Mom says dad needs to be careful.

Listen to Peanut the Doxie tell Bertie's story:


Bertie's story is brought to you by Karen Little of Sketch-Views. Bertie and his dog buddies appear on "kid's things" in our Redbubble shop. You might want to take a look!

Story and staging by Karen Little

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