Let's play ball!


Let's Play Ball Golden Retriever by Karen Little

Meet Gretta, a young Golden Retriever. Read (or listen to) Gretta tell her story:

Dad throws the ball so far, I run and run and run. And the ball keeps rolling, so I run more and more.

Sometimes when I find the ball, I run in circles and zoom around. I love bouncing and zooming in circles! When I bring the ball back, dad gives me a treat!

But when Billy throws the ball, the ball just rolls toward my feet.

Billy is a small human who giggles a lot. Sometimes when I lay down, Billy climbs on my back for a ride. Poor Billy! When I get up, he just slides off and giggles.

I love playing ball with Dad and Billy. Dad makes me tired, but Billy makes me laugh.

Listen to Gretta tell the story:


Gretta and her dog buddies appear on "kid's things" in our Littleview's Redbubble shop.

Story and staging by Karen Little. See also Sketch-Views.com and Littleviews.com

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