Lili meets a visitor

Lili the long haired Doxie by Karen Little

Meet Lili, a long-haired Doxie. Read or listen to her story here!

I play zoomies with my brothers every day. We wiggle around and knock over piles of stuff.

I love blankets! Blankets smell good! I drag them around. Sometimes mom takes them away from me. She takes pillows away from me, too. That makes me sad.

I can't climb up on the sofa by myself to sit with mom and dad. Mom and dad lift me in place. I wiggle around between the sofa pillows and snuggle on their laps.

Yesterday, a visitor lifted me up. She smelled of Dog. Her shoes, hands, and clothing smelled Doggie! The smell made me happy.

The visitor covered her lap with a blanket. My brothers pulled on the blanket and I pulled back! Everyone laughed!

I wonder if the Dog slept in her lap. The Dog smelled different than my brothers. I wish the Dog was here so we could all play together!

Listen to Lili's story:


Lili's story is brought to you by Peanut the Doxie and Karen Little of Sketch-Views. Lili and her dog buddies appear on "kids and babies things" in our Redbubble shop. You might want to take a look!

Story and staging by Karen Little

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