Look mom! I want to race!

Meet Butch, a young Doxie. Read (or listen) to Butch tell his story:

Oh, I love running through grass. Dad and mom take me to a place that has lots and lots of grass and bushes. I love the smell of grass so much!

I love running on hard, black stuff, too. Dad tries to run with me on the black stuff, but I always beat him. Ha ha ha. Dad can never catch me!

Sometimes I find rabbits in the grass. That's what I like best about grass! I chase rabbits all over! Once I found baby rabbits, but I didn't chase them. They smelled real good!

I also like the way the grass makes me sneeze. Sneezing is fun! I go kah-schnish and shake my head so hard that my ears flop. I look so funny! If I sneeze too much, mom gets worried.

I love running. Mom? Dad? Can I run in a race? I'm faster than dad and I bet I could win!

Listen to Butch tell the story:

Bonus! I have no commercial connection with Crusoe the Dachshund, but his video of the 100 Millimeter Dachshund Dash on YouTube is a must-see!


Butch's story is brought to you by Karen Little of Sketch-Views. Butch and his dog buddies appear on "kid's things" in our Redbubble shop. You might want to take a look!

Story and staging by Karen Little of Sketch-Views.com and Littleviews.com

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