Tommy and the slipper

Tommy the dog illustrated by Karen Little

Meet Tommy, a friendly pup! Read or listen to his story here.

Mom gets excited when someone's at the door. I jump around and bark a lot. Mom tells me to keep quiet.

I jump more, but don't bark. I like barking.

A woman gives mom a box. Mom closes the door. I sniff the box.

Mom opens the box and takes out two toys! Toys for me! I waggle my tail hard! Waggle waggle.

Then mom sits down and puts the toys on her feet. Foot toys! Big, fluffy foot toys. How much fun! So I run after mom's feet to get the toys.

Mom says "get back," but I am ready to play with a toy. Mom crosses her legs. Now a foot toy is right up by my eyes!

I bite down on the foot toy and pull it. Mom yells "No, no Tommy!" Mom says something about slippers. Is a slipper a toy? I think so, so I pull harder.

But the toy stayed on mom's foot.

Mom says "Tommy, be a good boy and sit down."

So I sit down. That toy looks like fun! I could run around and shake it. Maybe I can get that foot toy later when mom takes it off. I can't wait! Ha ha!

Listen to Peanut the Doxie tell Tommy's story:


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Story and staging by Karen Little

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